The Swiss Hall is located on Manley Road and sets along San Joaquin park and River.  The main hall features about 3500 sq. feet of hardwood floor, a large stage, a bar area set off to the side of the dance hall, a kitchen and dining area of about 2500 sq. ft. and restrooms.  Air Conditioning is available. The occupancy of the hall is 300 people.
Just outside of the hall is a large BBQ pit, an outdoor bar, play ground area, an outdoor stage, covered bleachers and cedar pit arena. 
The hall is available to rent for weddings, parties, social gatherings, etc.  Pricing for non-members is $1200.  Members pricing is $600.  Renters have access to all amenities including the kitchen’s walk-in refrigerator.
Presentation and reservations of the Swiss Hall is the responsibility of Tom Berchtold at (209) 202-9272.
Details of the rental are included in the rental contract. The SJVSC thank you for choosing our Swiss Hall and wish you a successful event.
· Air Conditioning Available
· 3500 sq ft. hardwood floor dancing hall
· Indoor and outdoor stage
· Indoor and outdoor bar
· Kitchen with walk in refrigerator
· 2500 sq ft dining area
· 4000 sq ft outdoor eating area
· Childrens play ground
· Tables and chairs