Fall Schwingfest

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Fall Schwingfest - September 8th 2018
Gates open at 10:30 am 
$10.00 per person over 16 years of age

Please help us welcome the SCHWINGERVERBAND from Switzerland.  This is the Committee that gave our four Schwinger's, Frank Kaech, Zack Schallberger, Logan Schallberger and Andrew Betschart the opportunity to attend the Eidg. Schwingfest in 2016.  Every year the group chooses one Schwingfest to attend in Switzerland.  This year they chose California and will be at the Newark and Ripon Schwingfests.   We are very excited to have them here and encourage you to thank them for coming and for their support in our Schwingfests in America.

Our Fest President will be Ted Betschart.  If you would like to donate to the prize selection - please [email protected]

-We are very excited to have John VanDuyn cooking a Rib and Chicken Dinner this year with all the fixings by Heidi and Marge Betschart.

Dinner tickets will be $25.00 for adults
We will have Limited Number of Dinner Tickets - get yours after lunch - as they will sell out fast.

Dancing for the evening will be to the Denair Band